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Former Locomía Member Finds New Calling as Subway Singer

“Rumba, zamba, mambo” is the name of a famous song from the late 80s performed by Locomía, a distinctive Spanish band known not only for their music but also for their colorful outfits and huge fans used in their performances.

During their active years, the band released three successful albums: Hispavox: Taiyo, Locovox, and Party Time. However, after disbanding in 1997, the members went their separate ways. Sadly, Francesc Picas, Santos Blanco, and Frank Romero have passed away, while surviving member Luis Font and others did not achieve the same level of success in the music industry.

Font, a founding member of Loco Mía, now 55 years old, has taken a significant turn in his life. After performing in major stadiums worldwide, he now earns a living working in Madrid’s Underground.

The former member of Locomía uses the Madrid metro cars as a stage. Photo: Instagram.

Like in Mexico City, Font now entertains passengers in various public transport stations by performing his old hits with a microphone, horn, and his signature white fan in exchange for coins.

In an interview on the Spanish program “Socialité,” Font shared that financial struggles led him to perform in subway cars as a way to reconnect with music and the public. Despite uncertainties, Font hinted at exciting opportunities ahead with a new manager.

In recent years, some Locomía reunions have taken place. In 2023, they participated in the 90s Pop Tour and were included in the LGBT+ Pride march, celebrating diversity.

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