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Fourth Wing Release Date Updates and Other Details

Fourth Wing Release Date Updates and Other Details

Fourth Wing Release Date Updates and Other Details

Exciting Updates on the Empyrean Series: Release Date and More!

The literary world has been abuzz since the debut of Rebecca Yarros’ “Fourth Wing” in May 2023, which quickly climbed the ranks to top the New York Times Bestseller list, thanks in part to its viral fame on BookTok. Following the success of the first novel, the sequel “Iron Flame” was released in November 2023, leaving fans eager for more. The Empyrean series, planned to span five books, has captured the hearts of readers with its enchanting blend of fantasy and romance.

As anticipation builds, we bring you the latest updates on the third installment of this beloved series, including its release date, what to expect, and exciting developments about a potential television adaptation.

When Will ‘Onyx Storm’ Be Released?

In a thrilling announcement on “Good Morning America” in March 2024, Rebecca Yarros shared that the third book, titled “Onyx Storm,” is set to release on January 21, 2025. While fans may be disappointed by the wait, the author has expressed the need for a slower pace due to health considerations, as she manages her Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. This careful approach ensures that Yarros can maintain her health while continuing to craft the captivating world of the Empyrean series.

“Onyx Storm” promises to delve deeper into the intricate politics of its universe, introduce thrilling new adventures, and revisit old enemies—all set against the backdrop of the series’ signature dragons. Yarros has hinted at exciting developments and complex plots that are sure to enthral her audience.

What Can We Expect in ‘Onyx Storm’?

The third book is poised to pick up where “Iron Flame” left off, with protagonist Violet Sorrengail facing ever-increasing challenges in her journey. The series, known for its rich storytelling and well-developed characters, will continue to explore themes of loyalty, power, and destiny. With each book, Yarros has skillfully expanded the mythical world of the Empyrean, and “Onyx Storm” is expected to further unravel the secrets and histories that have captivated readers so far.

Moreover, the title itself—’Onyx Storm’—suggests a darker and possibly more intense narrative arc. Fans are speculating about the new alliances and confrontations that Violet might encounter as she navigates through the tumultuous landscapes crafted by Yarros.

Expansion of the Empyrean Series

Initially intended as a trilogy, the Empyrean series was extended to five books due to the depth and breadth of the story that Yarros wished to explore. This expansion allows for a more nuanced development of the plot and characters, promising a richer and more immersive experience for readers. Each installment has built upon the last, setting the stage for an epic crescendo in the final books.

The decision to extend the series has been met with excitement from fans, who are eager to spend more time in the world Yarros has created. This anticipation is a testament to the compelling narrative and the strong connection readers have with the characters of the Empyrean series.

Is a ‘Fourth Wing’ TV Show in the Works?

In an exciting development for fans of the series, Rebecca Yarros confirmed that “Fourth Wing” is being adapted into a television series by Amazon MGM Studios, with Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society involved in the production. This adaptation promises to bring the richly detailed world of the Empyrean series to life, offering a new medium through which fans can experience the story of Violet and her companions.

The news of the TV show has generated a buzz among the series’ followers, who are eager to see how the novels’ intricate plots and vivid settings will translate to the screen. With a strong production team behind the project, expectations are high for a series that stays true to the heart of the books while exploring new dimensions of the story.


As we look forward to the release of “Onyx Storm” and the forthcoming TV adaptation, the Empyrean series continues to be a source of excitement and speculation among its fanbase. Rebecca Yarros has not only created a compelling world filled with magic and dragons but has also touched the hearts of many with her deep, relatable characters and dynamic storytelling. January 2025 may seem far away, but it promises to bring another thrilling chapter in this enchanting saga.


  • When is “Onyx Storm” being released?
    “Onyx Storm” is scheduled for release on January 21, 2025.
  • How many books will the Empyrean series include?
    The Empyrean series will include a total of five books.
  • What can readers expect in “Onyx Storm”?
    Readers can expect new adventures, political intrigue, and the continuation of Violet’s journey alongside dragons and old enemies.
  • Will there be a TV adaptation of the Fourth Wing?
    Yes, a TV adaptation of “Fourth Wing” is currently in development with Amazon MGM Studios and Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society.
  • Why was the release of “Onyx Storm” delayed?
    The release was delayed to allow the author, Rebecca Yarros, to maintain her health while managing her Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

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