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From Success to Love, Loss, Alcohol, and Depression: A Story of Triumph and Struggle

At the beginning of March, it was reported that the Morales brothers, Carmen, Antonio, and Shaila, had finally sold the “chalet of discord” in Torrelodones, which was their family residence when their parents, Rocío Dúrcal and Antonio Morales Jr., were alive. Shaila, the youngest of the clan and a singer, has acquired the property. She is the only one currently pursuing an artistic career following in the footsteps of her parents, residing between Spain and Mexico.

In 2021, the Morales clan began the dissolution of Jacaranda SL, a society founded by Dúrcal and Junior in the 70s to manage their real estate assets, which exceeded seven million euros. The society owned a mansion as well as a portion of land in Torrelodones and a couple of apartments in Madrid. This sale marks the end of a controversial inheritance issue that divided the family. The conflict reached its peak when Carmen and Antonio Jr. accused their father in 2009 of withholding inheritance from Rocío Dúrcal, who passed away in 2006.

The reason for the conflict was the severe depression that the singer faced after the death of Rocío Dúrcal, which led to alcohol abuse and erratic behavior. Despite little Shaila maintaining contact with her father, her older siblings distanced themselves. The conflict arose when Junior revealed infidelities in his memoirs concerning Rocío Dúrcal, causing further tension within the family.

Antonio Morales Barretto, popularly known as Junior, saw a rise in his music career in the 60s but struggled towards the end of his life due to alcoholism and depression. Born in 1943 in the Philippines, Junior was the eldest of five brothers and moved to Spain at a young age. He found success as a musician and later became a manager for Rocío Dúrcal.

In 1970, Junior married Rocío Dúrcal, with whom he formed the famous duo Juan and Junior. The couple had three children together. After Rocío’s passing in 2006, Junior battled depression and alcoholism, leading to the breakdown of his family. Despite a brief reconciliation with his children in 2011, Junior succumbed to his struggles in 2014, passing away at the family villa in Torrelodones.

It took a decade for the children to sell the family property, with Shaila eventually acquiring it. Reflecting on the past, Shaila mentioned that time helped them find peace of mind before making the decision to sell the property.

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