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Gaby Álvarez Rings in Birthday Surrounded by Friends in Miami

Gaby Alvarez celebrated her birthday surrounded by loved ones, including financier Jordan Bedford, known as “the wolf of Wall Street,” and his wife Chris Invernizzi Belfort. Other guests included Juliet Lunch, Emanuel Ortega, Alan Faena, and his wife Grace Goldsmith. Liz Solari, film director Rodolfo Lamboglia, and publicist Jose Molla were also in attendance.

Gaby Alvarez shared with Teleshow about his 47th birthday celebration at the Pao restaurant terrace in Hotel Faena with stunning sea views. The party started at 7:30 p.m. and lasted all night. Alvarez expressed his happiness at bringing together 40 friends to celebrate life and the growth of the city.

Various photos captured the joyous occasion, with Gaby Alvarez posing alongside Alan Faena, Grace Goldsmith, Liz Solari, Máximo Mazzocco, Julieta Prandi, Emanuel Ortega, and more. The party also included Ximena Caminos and her partner Luciano, as well as film director Rodolfo Lamboglia and publicist Jose Molla.

Overall, Gaby Alvarez’s 47th birthday celebration was a memorable event filled with laughter, fun, and great company in Miami. It was a night to remember in the vibrant city that continues to grow and thrive.

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