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Giraldo Piloto Calls for Support for Changuito, Co-Founder of Los Van Van: “He Doesn’t Even Have a Refrigerator”

The Cuban musician Giraldo Pilot is seeking help for the renowned percussionist José Luis Quintana Fuentes, also known as Changuito, and the founder of Apart From From. According to Pilot, Changuito is living in poor conditions without even having a refrigerator.

In a live video on Facebook, Pilot showcased the dilapidated condition of Changuito’s home, emphasizing the need for repairs to the door and roof, among other elements.

Pilot urged viewers to provide ideas and support for the man he described as a “legend of percussion in Cuba.”

This is not the first time that Changuito has faced neglect from the Cuban regime. In 2022, Yudianis Quintana, Changuito’s daughter, called out the Cuban Institute of Music to provide assistance for her father’s hospitalization.

Due to her public complaints, Yudianis was able to secure immediate admission for her father, who was suffering from a leg injury.

Changuito, born on January 18, 1948 in Casablanca, Havana, is considered one of the greatest Cuban percussionists of all time. He received his nickname in 1964 and has had a distinguished career as a music professor, having trained at prestigious institutions such as the School of Modern Music in New York and Berklee University in Boston.

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