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Google Establishes First Office in El Salvador

The technology giant, Google, has officially opened its first office in El Salvador as part of a $500 million agreement signed with the Salvadoran government in 2023. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Eduardo López, the president of Google Cloud for Latin America, Nayib Bukele, the reelected president of El Salvador, and William Duncan, the United States ambassador to El Salvador.

Bukele expressed his excitement about the transformation El Salvador is undergoing and how the physical office will house Google Cloud’s technical and commercial teams to work with public agencies and private institutions. The office is located in the Presidente Plaza corporate building.

During the inauguration, Bukele illuminated the Google sign and thanked the company for their support. The Google Cloud representative emphasized that this marks the official entry of Google into the country to support economic development and opportunities for the Salvadoran population through cloud technologies.

The arrival of Google aligns with El Salvador’s General Law for the digital modernization of the State, which includes the provision of Google Cloud services for seven years to advance digital government, education, and health.

Progress in the first seven months of the agreement includes collaboration with government institutions to develop digital ecosystems for procedures in import, export, and health registration. Google will also provide artificial intelligence for doctors to access real-time patient information and train government agencies in cloud technology.

In the education sector, Google for Education has been working with the Ministry of Education since 2020 to implement teleclass platforms. The agreement includes the distribution of 900,000 Chromebooks to fourth-grade students and the adaptation of Google Workspace for Education Plus with artificial intelligence for learning purposes.

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