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Google Officially Opens Offices in San Salvador

The president of Google Cloud Latin America, Eduardo López, mentioned that they are currently working on projects to benefit various sectors including health and education. Google officially opened its offices in El Salvador after months of anticipation. During the inauguration ceremony, López stated that Google and El Salvador are embarking on a journey to modernize the country through a signed service contract between the government and the technology company. President Nayib Bukele was present at the event.

Google has already established “Google El Salvador” social networks and the company plans to offer technical guidance to companies and organizations to maximize benefits from technology and innovations. The seven-year agreement between Google Cloud and the government aims to support the country with data storage tools for the Executive Branch area. The initiative also includes cybersecurity and access to 5G connectivity.

On August 29, 2023, Google Cloud announced its plans to establish operations in El Salvador, coinciding with the launch of Facebook and X social networks for the country. Bukele mentioned that Google has initiated action plans for the education and health sectors, with a focus on developing new applications and technologies for the public health system. The president highlighted that El Salvador is on track to become one of the most competitive countries in technology.

With the approval of the Promotion and Innovation Law, El Salvador is expected to enhance its competitiveness. The country is set to launch the national census, cadastre, permit system, as well as make modifications to the customs, port, health, and education systems. These advancements signify a significant step towards technological growth and progress in the region.

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