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Guillermo del Toro’s critically acclaimed fantasy horror film, Scarlet Summit, finally makes its debut on Netflix after a limited theatrical release.

In this film, the director knew how to create a scenario in which you wanted to lose yourself despite the many dangers that lived there.

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By now, you’ll know our predilection for doing justice to films that didn’t have a particularly buoyant commercial performance in theaters but deserved much more. This is the case of the film that concerns us today, a fantastic horror story signed by a legendary director who, for one reason or another, was not very successful at the box office and went somewhat unnoticed: The Scarlet Summit.

A place full of mysteries and dangers

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, this film did not aspire to reinvent the wheel. Actually it was a haunted house movie. Specifically, the famous Mexican filmmaker made us follow the steps of Edith Cushing, a young woman from the United States who, after falling in love with a handsome Englishman, Thomas Sharp, and losing her father in strange circumstances, travels to the family mansion of his loved one in the United Kingdom. There she will find a place full of mysteries and dangers that, despite herself, the protagonist will have to deal with, if she manages to maintain her sanity.

Apparitions capable of taking away your desire to eat, but above all a place built with special attention to every smallest detail made this film a highly recommended product if you like this type of productions and feel attracted to visually creepy and gothic creations. Besides, Guillermo del Toro knew how to assemble a top cast with Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain as the main cast headliners.

Dark, intense and terrifying, the truth is that The Scarlet Summit did not find the same commercial push as the director’s previous works. The Scarlet Summit ended its run in theaters with an insufficient 75 million dollars (it had an estimated budget of 50 million dollars) and although it was not crushed by critics and the audience, the truth is that the film remained in no man’s land.

The Scarlet Summit [Blu-ray]

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Where to watch Scarlet Summit on TV

Now, however, you can watch it with your Netflix subscription and we recommend that you do so. It is a ghost story, perhaps a bit long and lacking a bit of emotion in several of its parts, really absorbing. The ideal would be to watch it on a rainy day, which seeing the weather forecast will take a while to arrive, but it is still a great movie to devour any night.

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