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Halle Berry Shines Spotlight on Lavish Mexican Getaway, Reveals Exclusive Accommodations

Great luxury! The talented Halle Berry visited our country to enjoy an exclusive vacation in a five-star resort located in Los Cabos with her children and her boyfriend, the musician Van Hunt. Although she has returned to work in Las Vegas, where she presented her new film called Never Let Go, Halle, 57, has been sharing all the details about her dream vacation in Mexico on her social media.

During the first days of April, Halle Berry started sharing postcards from her vacation on her Instagram account, where she has 8.6 million followers. Even though her vacation in our country has ended, she still reminisces about the activities she did with her family, like visiting the Wild Canyon adventure park and animal sanctuary where she interacted with a camel and some rabbits.

“Thank you Nobu Hotel Los Cabos for an unforgettable stay,” was the caption Halle added to another post where she posed happily in a black swimsuit, hat, and jewelry, embracing the amenities of the place. She also revealed that she enjoyed a culinary experience by chefs Luis Herrera and Ángel Rumualdo that made her dance with happiness.

In another post, Halle Berry reflected on the restful time she spent with her loved ones, thanking the exclusive place for the perfect private stay for her family. Under the concept of a ‘home away from home,’ she enjoyed various activities like sunbathing, interacting with animals, and driving on the sand with her son and boyfriend, musician Van Hunt.

The luxurious Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, where Halle Berry vacationed, offers 60 residences on the Pacific Ocean shoreline with amenities like private pools, golf courses, personalized attention, and restaurants serving exquisite cuisine. Accommodation at this hotel ranges between 12,000 and 15,000 pesos per night, with additional costs for spa services, golf courses, and breakfast.

American actress, director, and producer Halle Berry’s vacation in Mexico at Nobu Hotel Los Cabos was a memorable experience filled with luxury and enjoyment.

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