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Hannah Waddingham lashes out at photographer for sexist remark: “You would never say that to a man”

He did not remain silent in the face of a lack of respect. Hannah Waddingham, the acclaimed actress and presenter of the Olivier Awards this year, received support and applause from the public after confronting a photographer who made an inappropriate comment about showing more leg while posing on the red carpet.

“Oh my God, You would never say that to a man, friend. Do not be an idiot otherwise I will leave. Don’t say ‘show me leg’. No,” was Waddingham’s forceful response captured in a video spread by users on social networks, followed by a moment of applause from those present during the gala held last Sunday at the Royal Albert Hall. “Have manners” he was heard saying as he walked away from the scene.

The star, who has won an Emmy, a Critics’ Choice Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role as Rebecca Welton in the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, has stood out both on stage and on screen. Originally from South London, she demonstrated her talent in successful series such as Game of Thrones and Sex Education in addition to shining in Broadway and West End productions, with Olivier nominations for his roles in Spamming and in A Little Night Music under the direction of Trevor Nunn.

The night of the event also celebrated theatrical talent in the UK, with Sunset Boulevard taking home seven statuettes, including best actor and actress in a musical for Tom Francis and Nicole Scherzinger respectively. Operation Mincemeat was awarded best new musical, while Sarah Snook and Mark Gatiss took home the awards for best actress and actor in a play.

Hannah Waddingham has been very clear about her decision not to accept roles that she considers minor. On the “Rule Breakers” podcast Michelle Face shared her firm stance on casting roles: “I told my agents at the time, ‘I’m not doing it anymore… If it’s a scene, I’m not doing it anymore, and you guys shouldn’t put me up for that because it’s insulting.’”

As recent host of the Olivier Awards, the British artist opened the event with a performance of “Anything Goes,” demonstrating her talent and influence in the world of theater. The Olivier Awards, established in 1976, remain one of the most prestigious honors on the UK theater scene.

Some days ago, Waddingham shared details about the physical and emotional difficulties he faced while filming a particularly intense scene in Game of Thrones. In an interview for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, he described an experience where his character, Septa Unella is subjected to simulated drowning with wine by Cersei Lannister interpreted by Lena Headey.

The scene, which lasted approximately ten hours, caused him to “chronic claustrophobia”. In that sense, she narrated how she was tied to a table with leather straps, without mobility and with grape juice completely covering her. “Could not talk because La Montaña covered my mouth with his hand while I screamed and I had strap marks all over my body as if they had attacked me,” he recalled.

Previously, I had already compared the rigor of that day of filming with the process of giving birth, describing it apart from childbirth, as the worst day of your life. Additionally, she revealed Headey’s bewilderment at having to pour liquid on her face over and over again: “I was uncomfortable pouring liquid on my face for so long, and I was beside myself,” she told Collider.

Hannah Waddingham concluded his remarks with a reflection on the challenging nature of working on the series Game of Thrones: “You haven’t been to Game of Thrones unless they have mistreated you very, very much.”

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