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How AI Is Shaping The Future Of Online Casinos

How AI Is Shaping The Future Of Online Casinos

Artificial Intelligence is shaping many walks of life in the 21st Century. Many people are unaware of this, but AI has been used for well over a decade without us realising it. It’s only in the last few years that rapid developments in AI technology have caused us to truly pay attention to this unique concept. 

Sectors around the world use AI, though there’s one industry that’s playing catch up: online gambling. Online casinos have largely remained the same since their inception, but the birth of new AI tools is looking to change this industry forever. Today, we embark on a journey to discover how artificial intelligence is altering the digital casino landscape. 

Improvements In Player Safety

AI technology is looking to improve player safety at online casinos in a multitude of ways. For starters, many casinos are using cybersecurity systems that use AI to detect and predict incoming threats. As a result, there’s a remarkable reduction in hacks and data loss, keeping all banking information private. 

Furthermore, AI can be used to help players find reliable online casinos. This is really big in the UK as thousands of gamblers look for alternatives to UKGC casinos not on Gamstop. They’re after reliable gambling platforms that exist beyond the UK regulations and with no self-exclusion restrictions. To keep themselves safe, many players use AI-powered systems that let them paste a casino’s URL and immediately get safety scores or information on whether the site has a valid licence. 

Looking further ahead and making a prediction, we expect casinos will use AI to monitor player habits and make suggestions on responsible betting. For example, a system could see that a player keeps depositing and losing £50 a day. It can then flag up a notification telling the player to consider putting a daily limit of £20 on their deposits so they don’t lose as much money. 

Customer Service Enhancements

When we talk about the magic of artificial intelligence, there will always be connections to customer service. Some of the earliest uses of AI systems were for customer service on websites, giving people access to live chatbots. 

Individuals can talk to a digital agent who will respond to their messages and come up with timely solutions. It’s like you’re speaking to a real person, but everything is generated by artificial intelligence software. 

Chatbots are so popular that 42% of companies use them – including those in the online gambling sector. This has already improved customer service, meaning punters no longer have to call in or email for help. 

What we’re interested in is how AI chatbots can further improve online casino customer service. There are instances of this technology providing the following support services for customers already: 

  • Detailed guides or tips on how to play certain online games
  • Help with bonus terms and conditions
  • Information on any upcoming or unique bonuses for the customer
  • Guidance on how to gamble responsibly

AI chatbots will continue to improve and give casinos new ways of interacting with customers. It will be like giving every player a personal assistant to talk to about everything related to the site – how interesting would that be?!

Personalised Gambling Experiences

There was an exciting Forbes article in July 2023 that spoke about the power of personalisation through AI technology. The overall summary was that businesses are calling upon artificial intelligence to track customer behaviour and provide more accurate predictions on what they will like. 

Netflix was used as an example – it takes viewing habits and looks at what customers are scrolling on or watching trailers for to present them with similar films or TV shows. It makes it easier for viewers to find what they like and removes any nonsense from their feeds. 

A similar approach is coming to online casinos. AI can track the games players are playing and see where punters spend most of their time. From here, it’s easy to use this data to create personalized home screens for each member. They’ll see their favourite slots the moment they log in or be presented with similar games. If a player never plays online poker, they won’t have to see any poker games unless they go looking for them. 

This extends to the world of bonuses too – AI can predict the type of bonuses a punter is likely to enjoy. The casino can then provide each member with personalized offers that they’re more likely to use. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

The AI Boom Is Coming To Online Casinos

We’re already witnessing some AI technology at online casinos, but it’s way behind other industries. 2024 will be a big year as the AI boom is predicted to come to this sector. We’re excited to see how things change and the improvements this brings to online casino members. 

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