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How Much Does Kiwis Gamble Online In 2024?

New Zealand’s online gambling is growing, and it’s growing fast, but some critics say the new government policy is focused on what the industry will benefit from and not what is good for the Kiwis.

New Zealand’s online casinos are not places to merely place lucky and unlucky bets. They symbolize top-notch innovations, diverse options to satisfy users, and the implementation of advanced features for online gaming. With the rapid rise in technology, Wikis’ online gambling is running wild and redefining expectations that have made players come back for more.

New Zealanders, aka Wikis, pour their funds into their casino websites and overseas’ betting agencies. This has made government officials want to review their 2003 Gambling Act when offshore made a whopping $381 million in the past months, and according to them, they will ensure that this change keeps up with technological trends.

Reasons for Kiwis’ Increased Gamble, Market Trends, and Statistics

One of the major reasons the online gambling market in New Zealand is growing is the increasing preference of players for online gaming. The advancement of technology and easy access to a high-speed internet connection has made people prefer online websites rather than going to an onsite casino and has created a gambling problem for Kiwis.

This technology trend also provides convenience because players can play anywhere, anytime. According to a report by Statista, the Kiwis’ Online Gambling market is predicted to reach US$1.25bn in 2024.

The major market trend in New Zealand’s online gambling is mobile gambling. Smartphones and tablets are almost everywhere; the average individual owns one. Therefore, more people have easy access to websites and, in this case, online casinos. Another key market trend is Kiwis’ love for sports, which has made it almost impossible to detach them from online sports betting.

Sports like cricket, rugby, and football are New Zealanders’ favorites, and it seems that no one can stop them from placing bets on them. That extra dash of excitement combined with the availability of live-streaming sports events and updates has fueled online gambling in the country.

By 2028, New Zealand is predicted to show a yearly growth rate of 6.03%, resulting in a market volume of US$1.58bn. That leaves the current Kiwis’ casino market expenditure in 2024 at US$0.64bn as its users may grow to 590.9k come 2028.

What is the Government Saying?

A report from Internal Affairs by the Ministry of Health says “low numbers” of Kiwis are seeking help regarding online gambling. However, the PGF (Problem Gambling Foundation) spokesperson, Andree Froude, said that the reason New Zealanders aren’t seeking help is that online gambling is new. People haven’t seen the extent of the gambling issue.

The very nature of online gambling is hidden – you can carry around a betting agency in your pocket.” Kiwis can gamble at work, in bed, or in the loo. The value of international gambling is estimated to double in 2024, and it’s expected to grow much bigger in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Legal Fines and Age

Live on TV, Saturday nights in New Zealand are when most families watch and get excited as the winning post for the live Million-dollar Lotto draw is drawn. They say even kids at home can watch their parents do it, and some of them might think gambling is fun, even as happy as their parents look after winning.

The gambling control rules in New Zealand are a tricky issue

Therefore, because of the exposure Kiwis had at the early stages, New Zealand’s Gambling Act 2003 claims that you must be of a specific age to bet on any gaming activity, and this applies to the top 10 NZ casino sites as much as it does to others. 

  • Legal gambling for adults (18 and over): This includes making bets on horse races, sports games, and lotteries on the Internet (for instance, playing Lotto).
  • Age limit for online gambling: It’s worth considering that some online gambling sites are being founded outside the country, and probably, their age limit may be 21 and over, not 18.

Fines are designated for those caught violating the gaming regulations.

In New Zealand, people who are found to be gambling illegally are subject to high fines. Institutions may be brought to book for up to $50,000. The role of fines for individuals cooperating with illegal gambling can reach up to $10,000 if the action is federal or is made online when the offender is underage.

However, minors may also be fined at the rate of $500, and the operators are under threat of being liable for up to $5,000 if illegal gambling is discovered.

Challenges in New Zealand’s Online Casino Industry

The number of New Zealanders playing casino games online is increasing daily, but there are certain challenges.

  • Getting hooked

The simpler the gambling becomes online, the more some of the players will face the danger of gambling addiction.

  • Making the rules

The role of government is being defined regarding how online casinos should be regulated legally. The key objectives they should be fulfilling are to ensure the safety of the players and ensure the games are fair.


With technological advancement, Kiwis are far from losing interest in gambling. If their government wants to make a change, it should remember to prioritize its citizens.

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