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How to Change Marital Status on Venezuelan Identity Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

On April 16, 2024, at 7:06 am, the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration, and Immigration (Saime) announced a series of technological enhancements to its web portal. One noteworthy update is the ability for users to modify their marital status.

In addition to this announcement, Saime also shared tutorials on various social media platforms to assist users in navigating the document processing procedures handled by the entity.

The process kicks off with users logging into the Saime web portal using their designated username and password. After successful login, they need to choose the data update request option, where categories like “Passport,” “Cedulation,” and “Civil Data” will be visible.

Under the “Civil Data” section, users will find their personal information displayed, and they can proceed by selecting the new request option. This step allows users to either update their marital status or make changes to their personal information.

After selecting the desired option, users will be presented with the applicant identity form. Upon completion of this form, they can move forward by clicking on the “next” button to review the order form, which outlines the necessary documents to bring to the appointment.

Once users have reviewed and confirmed the required documentation, they can access the scheduling form. This stage will display the Saime offices available for changing civil status data, enabling users to select a convenient date and time for their appointment.

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