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I Appreciate Your Delightful Kisses: A Closer Look at the Art of Kissing

The networks are abuzz once again thanks to the latest posts by Samadhi Zendejas. The actress has shared some photos that have captured attention due to her stunning appearance.

Amidst rumors linking her to William Levy, who recently spoke out to clarify the situation, Zendejas has chosen to remain natural and unfazed by the gossip surrounding her.

She has not even disabled comments on her posts, even when they are harsh and offensive in some cases.

Her most recent Instagram post includes a video that has captivated many viewers and sparked controversy at the same time.

The video is accompanied by a song with lyrics that have also stirred emotions: “I love how you kiss me, I can feel what you miss me.”

Comments on the post range from supportive messages from her fans to speculation about her involvement in the situation between actor William Levy and his ex-partner, Elizabeth Gutierrez.

Some of the comments include: “You fell off my pedestal”, “Insist, persist, resist”, “Queen”, “No one can ever be happy with the unhappiness of others”. Despite these negative responses, Zendejas has chosen to react with indifference.

She remains focused on her family, career, and dreams, stating, “Don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of not trying,” in another post.

Overall, Zendejas continues to garner attention on social media, with fans showing their unwavering support and critics speculating about her personal life.


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