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I made a fool of myself defending him”: Kaminski’s friend turns against him after new revelations in Carla Jara and Camila Andrade “love triangle

The breakup between Francisco Kaminski and Carla Jara, with Camila Andrade as the “third in contention,” is still a hot topic in the entertainment world. Sergio Marabolí, who was close to the former couple, recently spoke out about the situation. He mentioned feeling deceived by his friend and addressed the topic on the program follow me, where he is a panelist.

Marabolí admitted to always wanting to believe both versions of the story but feels that new information has changed his perspective. He recalled a specific incident on his birthday where Carla attended but Kaminski did not call him, leading to disappointment in their friendship.

Marabolí expressed feeling like he made a fool of himself for trusting Kaminski and believing the information he was given. He referenced Camila Andrade’s recent interview where she admitted to having intentions with Kaminski, as well as Kaminski’s own statements about his feelings for Andrade playing a role in his breakup with Carla.

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