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I Only Care About Two Mouths: A Deeper Look at the Impact of Food Insecurity

William Levy has been in the eye of a media hurricane after announcing his separation from Elizabeth Gutierrez after two decades together. The Cuban actor said that at some point he will tell ‘his version of him’ about him.

On his Instagram Stories, he has shared shocking messages. “I only care about two mouths: those of my children who tell me: ‘calm down dad,'” says one of the posts by the father of Christopher, 18, and Kailey, 14.

The protagonist of The Tempest, Coffee with the aroma of a woman, and Monte Cristo, he also echoed the Bible, inviting them to read the verse Romans 8:28. “When you are in God’s will, you cannot be blocked, hindered, destroyed or stopped—every attempt will only work in your favor,” his message says.

William Levy/ Instagram

After audio of 911 calls and police reports of domestic altercations came to light before making the decision to live apart, Levy has remained out of the public eye.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

“I have a lot of things to say. I have my side of the story. But I would never do something that would make the mother of my children look bad. I have always prioritized my children’s mental health and that will continue to be the case. What’s more, they know who I am and the truth of everything. I will remain calmly dedicated to my children and my career,” he expressed days ago on his social networks.


For its part, Samadhi Zendejas—who has been identified as the ‘third party’—talked with Red Hot (Telemundo) and denied having an affair with Levy. In interview with Lourdes Stephen, The 29-year-old Mexican actress talked about her co-star in the soap opera Back to Me.

“I always bother him. I tell him: ‘William, when I was little I already saw you on television,” she said smiling about the 43-year-old actor. “He’s a heartthrob in every sense of the word,” he said of Levy. “He is someone adorable. I told him the day we finished filming, he was a great companion, super supportive. We achieved very beautiful scenes.”


Stephen asked him about the ‘chemistry’ between the two and whether their ‘love story’ had crossed the screen. “I’m not going to lie to you, the chemistry is obvious,” Zendejas said. “Why? Because we spent so much time together. He was the first person I saw when I woke up and the last. We shared from Monday to Saturday for more than 12 hours in a forum. It’s normal for people to say, I think it’s part of “.

Comments on social media don’t keep you up at night. “Just because you’re a public figure, you always put yourself in a situation where people can have their say,” she said. “But it is Nuria and Santiago who have this extraordinary chemistry,” she said of their characters. “We didn’t pay attention to it,” she said of the romance rumors. Her hot love scenes only happened on set, Zendejas says. “He was always very respectful, with a lot of professionalism on both sides,” she said. “I think he is an extraordinary being and a great teammate.”

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