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I Will Accomplish It, Young Man

The actor and director Kevin Costner will be present at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, 20 years later of his last work as a director, ‘Open Range’ (2003), and returns with another western that will come, this time, in several chapters. The first of the four episodes of his new project, ‘Horizon: An American Saga’, will premiere at the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival out of competition, and will feature Costner himself as its protagonist… despite Chris Hemsworth’s pleas in love with the role since he read the script.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chris Hemsworth has revealed that he fought with all his might to get the lead role in Kevin Costner’s new movie, only to discover that the director had cast himself to star in it. The Marvel star did not reveal, however, what ‘Horizon: An American Saga’ is about, describing it as something “abstract and interesting… a little story about a man and a woman.”

“There was a movie, a script that I had read and I loved it and I thought: ‘I want to get this role,’ and then someone said, ‘Kevin Costner got it.’ “Hemsworth said. “I would have loved to [tenerlo] as director. I was like, ‘Damn!’ [Passé] a whole hour trying to convince him, and He only answered me: ‘I’m going to do it, boy’. It didn’t work. “I didn’t get the role.”

You could say that The ‘culprit’ of Hemsworth’s interest in the project was his wife, the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, who was the one who recommended him to try to get it when he saw that there were “horses involved” in the film, since the character is a “horse tamer.” “My wife read it [el guion] and loves horses,” Hemsworth added. “We have 10 or 11 horses at home, and She was the one who said: ‘You have to do this’.

Kevin Costner himself also spoke to Entertainment Tonight about turning down Hemsworth, saying, “It’s a love story, but As long as I’m young enough to play it, I’ll play it. Chris will have to wait his turn. He is very handsome and very good as an actor, but he will have to find his own love story. I’m glad you like this one though. If I get to a point where he doesn’t think I can do it that he can do that, I’ll tell him that. He is undoubtedly one of our great protagonists at the moment.”

The director of ‘Dances with Wolves’ has already filmed the first two installments of the ‘Horizon’ western film series (an old wish of Kevin Costner), and the first will have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month, at the same contest in which Chris Hemsworth to present ‘Furiosa: From the Mad Max Saga’.

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