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Ice Spice Net Worth 2024

Ice Spice Net Worth 2024

Ice Spice Net Worth 2024

Ice Spice: The Meteoric Rise to a $8 Million Net Worth by 2024

Ice Spice, born Isis Gaston, has rapidly become a prominent figure in the music industry, known for her distinctive ginger curls and catchy, vibrant tracks. Emerging from the Bronx, New York, her unique blend of charisma and musical talent has not only won her the title of “the People’s Princess” but also a substantial financial portfolio. As of 2024, Ice Spice’s net worth is estimated to be a staggering $8 million, reflecting her success in a remarkably short span of time.

Early Beginnings and Breakthrough

Ice Spice’s journey into the rap scene began during her college days at SUNY Purchase, where she collaborated with fellow student and music producer RiotUSA. The partnership kicked off with the release of “Bully Freestyle” in March 2021, marking her entry into the music world. However, it was her track “Munch (Feelin’ U)” that catapulted her into the spotlight in August 2022, thanks to a boost from none other than Drake, who featured the song on his radio station, Sound 42. The track’s viral success on platforms like TikTok led to significant recognition, peaking at No. 34 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs List.

Record Deals and Chart-Topping Hits

Following her viral hit, Ice Spice signed with Elliot Grainge’s independent label, 10K Projects, and later with Capitol Records. Her subsequent releases, including “Bikini Bottom” and the EP “Like..?”, saw considerable success. Collaborations with artists like Lil Tjay on “Gangsta Boo” and PinkPantheress on “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” further elevated her status in the music industry, with tracks climbing the Billboard charts. Notably, her collaboration with Taylor Swift on the remix of “Karma” and with Nicki Minaj on “Barbie World” for the Barbie movie soundtrack showcased her growing influence and popularity.

Ownership and Creative Control

A significant aspect of Ice Spice’s career is her ownership of her masters and publishing rights, a rare feat in the industry that has been highlighted by her label, 10K Projects. This level of control over her music not only ensures artistic freedom but also maximizes her earnings from her work, contributing substantially to her net worth.

Live Performances and Brand Endorsements

Aside from her recordings, Ice Spice’s performances at various high-profile events and music festivals, including Rolling Loud and as an opening act for Doja Cat’s Scarlet Tour, have been lucrative. Moreover, her brand endorsements, including a notable collaboration with Marc Jacobs and a custom drink with Dunkin’, have broadened her income streams. Her merchandise line, featuring items like T-shirts and tank tops, further supplements her earnings.

Looking Ahead: Ice Spice’s Financial Future

With her current net worth at $8 million and climbing, Ice Spice’s financial future looks promising. Her continued success in the music industry, coupled with strategic brand partnerships and merchandise sales, is likely to propel her net worth even higher. As she maintains her trajectory, Ice Spice not only secures her financial independence but also paves the way for future endeavors that could expand her career and financial portfolio even further.


Ice Spice’s impressive net worth of $8 million in 2024 is a testament to her talent, strategic career moves, and the robust support of her fans. From viral hits to smart business acumen, her journey reflects a dynamic blend of modern music industry success and personal branding triumph.


  • What is Ice Spice’s real name?
    Ice Spice’s real name is Isis Gaston.
  • How did Ice Spice become famous?
    Ice Spice gained fame after her song “Munch (Feelin’ U)” went viral, helped by Drake playing it on his radio station.
  • What record labels is Ice Spice signed with?
    Ice Spice is signed with 10K Projects and Capitol Records.
  • Does Ice Spice own her music rights?
    Yes, Ice Spice owns all her masters and publishing rights.
  • What are some of Ice Spice’s most successful collaborations?
    Some of her notable collaborations include “Karma” with Taylor Swift and “Barbie World” with Nicki Minaj.
  • What is Ice Spice’s net worth in 2024?
    As of 2024, Ice Spice’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

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