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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Identification Made for ‘Midtown Jane Doe’ Whose Remains Were Discovered in NYC Bar Basement Cement 20 Years Ago

A 9/11 victim’s DNA was used by the police to identify the remains of a missing teenager from 1969 found beneath a New York City address. Construction workers discovered the remains at 301 W. 46th St., where the rock night club “Steve Paul’s The Scene” was once located. The victim, Patricia Kathleen McGlone, was tied up and strangled. She was wearing a ring with her initials and a Bulova watch. The police found a 1969 dime and a plastic toy soldier with her remains, suggesting she may have had a child before her death. Detectives were able to trace her back to her parents through marriage records. The case is personal for the detectives as they seek justice for the victim.


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