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Dakota Fanning recently shared a heartwarming anecdote about her experience working with Tom Cruise in the 2005 film, The War of the Worlds. In a recent interview, Fanning recalled that Cruise gave her an expensive gift for her 11th birthday – her first cell phone. Despite not having anyone to call or text at the time, Fanning was thrilled with the gesture and appreciative of Cruise’s generosity.

Since that birthday, Cruise has continued to send Fanning a birthday gift every year, with the most recent one arriving when she turned 30. Fanning also revealed that Kurt Russell, her co-star in The Pursuit of a Dream, once gave her a horse as a gift, making it the best gift she has ever received.

Fanning reflected on her experiences working with Cruise, Russell, and other top celebrities as a child, noting that she never felt intimidated by them. Kirsten Dunst also shared a heartwarming story about Cruise, revealing that every Christmas Eve, she receives a coconut and white chocolate cake from him, a tradition that has lasted for 30 years after they worked together in Interview with the Vampire.

Dunst expressed gratitude for being among the select group of celebrity friends who receive this special gift from Cruise each year. Other celebrities rumored to be part of this list include Jon Hamm, Rosie O’Donnell, and Tom Hanks. Dunst’s family also enjoys the Cruise Cake tradition, with her husband Jesse Plemons receiving a cake as well.

Overall, both Fanning and Dunst’s stories highlight the thoughtful and generous nature of Tom Cruise, who continues to touch the lives of his co-stars long after they have worked together on set.

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