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Industry experts predict that this could be the sole solution to rescue cinemas.

Cinemas will always exist, no matter how challenging the situation becomes. It would be strange to imagine a world without movie theaters altogether. However, experts are concerned that cinema may become a niche hobby, reserved only for enthusiasts and not for the general public. If this trend continues after decades of being a popular pastime, it would be a loss felt worldwide.

This year, 2024, has not been performing poorly at the box office, but global forecasts predict slightly lower numbers compared to last year. This unexpected trend contrasts with the optimism that suggested gradual improvement year after year. Unfortunately, the ongoing challenges facing cinema show no sign of imminent resolution.

Spectators sitting watching a movie in a movie theater

For surviving movie theaters, including small independent ones, this situation poses a significant challenge. Some major chains are considering selling their theaters as they struggle to reach past revenue levels. Others are hopeful for a return to pre-2019 conditions. However, two key factors must align for this to happen.

The first of these factors is the decline of streaming platforms. Major companies in the sector have realized that exorbitant spending on films did not always yield expected audience numbers. Platforms like Disney+ and HBO Max have recognized the financial losses associated with favoring streaming over traditional theaters. With the decline of streaming, theaters may have a chance to thrive with a diverse range of films.

Customers waiting at the bar of a movie theater

Theater chains are advocating for Hollywood studios to produce a variety of films, not just blockbusters. They seek a return to a more diverse film schedule with lower budget movies, deep stories, and comedies that cater to a wider audience. This shift can attract more viewers and increase revenue for theaters. While some in the industry assure theaters of a forthcoming abundance of films, the debate continues on whether the dominance of blockbusters will persist.

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