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Infanta Cristina’s Daughter Irene Urdangarin Involved in Altercation at Madrid Restaurant

We normally find little information about Irene Urdangarin (18 years). Infanta Cristina’s daughter is usually one of the most discreet members of the Spanish royal familybut being one of the youngest among all the grandchildren of Juan Carlos and Sofía, it is sometimes surprising that from time to time you don’t get some photographs dancing, being with friends or making any kind of plan with people your age. Some controversy like the one starring his cousin Victoria de Marichalar or his cousin Froilán, who have us accustomed to many headlines.

But if a few days ago we saw Infanta Elena’s son again leaving an after-party in Leganés after the wedding of José Luis Martínez Almeida and Teresa Urquijo, now has been able to find out a controversy that could affect Irene and her group of friends in Madrid. And the sister of Pablo, Juan and Miguel was the protagonist of a small dispute in a restaurant in the capital.

As this publication has learned, Irene went to celebrate the birthday of some friends in the Italian Malafemmena, from the Pucinella group. And although everything seemed like a fun date with people from his close circle, an evening that passed like another normal one, the truth is that several witnesses were able to see how some of them they didn’t behave as they should. And although they have told us that Juan Carlos’s granddaughter had a very discreet, relaxed and polite attitudethe truth is that his companions were quite challenging with the local workers.

As has learned, a couple of friends of the little daughter Iñaki Urdangarin were quite impatient. But not content with the impertinent answers they gave to some of the waiters, they dared to rebuke them by saying “you don’t know who we are“, “You don’t know who is here?” o “you don’t know who you’re talking to. Without a doubt, reactions that surprised everyone present. “She didn’t say anything, she was very calm eating and talking with another of her friends,” they tell us.

From this medium we have contacted the restaurant, located at 13 Doctor Esquerdo Street, to find out the veracity of this story and after a call they have confirmed that this was the case. “It was a very large table. Yes, she was there, but well, we are used to dealing with this type of disagreements and treatment.“They told us from the premises, surprised that we called them to confirm what happened.

With one of the most famous brunches in all of Madrid, in fact on the social networks of Samantha (former contestant of ‘Operación Triunfo’) or María Parrado (winner of ‘La Voz Kids’) you can see how they have breakfast or eat, Malafemmena offers a wide variety of exclusive spaces for these types of events. in which celebrities find greater intimacy and privacy. Of course, when the controversy is held in front of the rest of the tables, you risk someone finding out what happened.

With group menus ranging from 38 to 48 eurosthe restaurant offers “a exquisite Italian cuisine and careful attention to detail” with which they promise that your time there will be very special. Of course, you can also order individual dishes that range from 6 euros to 30 for the most expensive. Without a doubt a very affordable and for all budgets. Nothing ostentatious for what we are used to from these types of characters or members of the royal family.

Although during this controversy Irene remained almost on the sidelines, the young woman decided to put her foot down (obviously this was not the reason) and travel to Cambodia to volunteer at the NGO Sauce. In fact, Cristina’s daughter has been one of the great absent from both the funeral of Fernando Gómez-Acebo and the wedding of Teresa Urquijo and the mayor of Madrid.

Thousands of kilometers from the capital, Irene plans to be in the Asian country for at least six months. There, as revealed by the magazine ‘Hello!’, the graduate in the central square of the International School of Geneva (Ecolint) last June 2023 is in a house located in the Arrupe Center. A home where you are not alone because she shares it with one of her fellow volunteers. Without a doubt, very different friendships from those who accompanied her in the Madrid restaurant where she became the protagonist of a controversy that has nothing to envy of that of her cousins.

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