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Influencer Inessa Polenko tragically passes away following her own dramatic decision

La iRussian influencer Inessa Polenko has suffered a tragedy. At 39 years old, she died as a consequence of a fall. The woman fell off a cliff where she was trying to take the best selfie to share on her social networks where she had thousands of followers.

Polenko defied the rules. She exceeded the limits of what was prohibited. She disregarded the security barrier that restricted access to the most dangerous areas of the location and plunged into the void, falling from a height of about 50 meters.

In fact, the influencer was seriously injured and all efforts were made to transfer her to the nearest hospital, but she passed away a few hours later.

Polenko was known for her expertise in cosmetics, beauty, and lifestyle. She was also an avid traveler, having visited destinations like Egypt, Crimea, and Dubai… creating content for her audience. However, her daring actions led to a tragic outcome this time.

Furthermore, the National Library of Medicine in the United States is working on compiling a list of “no selfie zones” in dangerous locations such as mountains or tall buildings to help prevent similar incidents and minimize deaths in such circumstances.

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