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Inside Galilea Montijo’s Secret to Keeping Her Boyfriend Happy: The Truth Revealed

After announcing her divorce from Fernando Reina, with whom she was married for 11 years and conceived her only child, Galilea Montijo started a romance with Isaac Moreno. Now, the host of the program Hoy does not hesitate to show off her love for the model. Although the famous woman seems to be going through a great moment on a sentimental level, rumors have emerged that she is keeping her boyfriend. “Not really, no. Not at first, because we are always talking about his life,” clarified Raul Araiza, a great friend of Montijo, to the media.

“Galilea Montijo is very happy, very happy, as I have not seen her in a long time,” continued Araiza. Isaac Moreno has his job, and that’s how they met. Then there are rumors among the famous ones that maintain their partners, but not. In this case, the man works and takes care of everything financially. Gali is not giving charity either.

The presenter also denied a breakup and alleged accusations of homosexuality by her friend’s boyfriend. “She is not single. She is very straight, you already know her. The day it’s over, it’s over, and she will say it,” he expressed.

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“Remember that everything is an assumption and it is becoming more and more so. That’s why someone must speak out to tell the media yes or no. I see her happy,” Araiza added. “What I know is that she is happy as never before, and so is he.”

Galilea Montijo and her boyfriend Isaac Moreno.

Galilea Montijo Instagram

For Raúl Araiza, Galilea Montijo found love again, and considers that to be the most important thing. “He is charming. He’s a great guy, he works on his thing. The truth is, I think that when you meet and have good chemistry, it’s wonderful,” he commented. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see my sister happy, and I have told her that seeing her smile so much and live her life is important.

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