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Introducing the Four Nominees Exiting LCDLF Following Aleska’s Announcement

The Venezuelan model Aleska Genesis has announced the person who will be saved this week from elimination on the reality show The House of the Famous. This comes after winning the power to save one of the five nominated housemates last Friday.

The individual chosen by Aleska was Mexican actress and host Geraldine Bazan.

With this rescue, there are now four celebrities nominated: Patricia Corcino, Rodrigo Romeh, Maripily Rivera, and Ariadna Gutiérrez.

The reality show, which premiered on January 23, airs Monday to Friday at 7:00 pm (with a Tuesday 11:30 pm slot) on Telemundo and Sundays at 7:00 pm on Punto 2.

Here are the 12 contestants of The House of the Famous 4 competing for the grand prize of $200,000:

1. Lupillo Rivera

2. Maripily Rivera

3. Jose Reyes

4. Alana Bunk Beds

5. Clovis Nienow

6. Ariadna Gutiérrez

7. Rodrigo Romeh

8. Cristina Porta

9. Aleska Genesis

10. Geraldine Bazan

11. Patricia Corcino

12. Paulo Quevedo

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