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Introducing the Mayor Behind the Spectacular “Little Boy” Creation for Miss Venezuela 2019, Thalía Olvino

On Sunday, April 14, Miss Venezuela 2019 Thalía Olvino announced that she is expecting her first child with Venezuelan mayor Morel David Rodríguez. Despite maintaining a low profile, Olvino expressed her happiness at this special stage in her life, thanking God and the Virgin for their blessings.

The news was warmly received by fellow beauty queens such as Jacqueline Aguilera, Vanesa Coello, and Hanelly Quintero. As of now, Olvino has not disclosed the gender of the baby or the duration of her pregnancy. It is also unclear if there are any forthcoming wedding plans with her partner.

Morel David Rodríguez, Olvino’s partner whom she introduced in 2023, has been serving as the mayor of the Maneiro Municipality in Nueva Esparta state since December 2017. He is also a founding member of the Fuerza Vecinal party and was re-elected in Pampatar in 2021.

In the elections of December 10, 2017, Rodríguez was elected Mayor with 58.39% of the votes, making him one of the youngest mayors in the country. Olvino shared a beautiful postcard from the Nuestra Señora del Valle Church in Margarita with Rodríguez in 2019 to commemorate a special occasion.

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