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Iranian Regime Issues Threats of Retaliation Following Failed Bombing, Warns of Possible Israeli Response

The Iranian regime said did not warn other countries before launching an attack with hundreds of missiles and drones against Israel on Saturday and threatened to “more serious actions” in case of possible retaliation from Jerusalem.

Iran launched explosive drones and fired missiles at Israel late Saturday in its first direct attack against Israeli territory, an action that Tehran said was retaliation for the April 1 Israeli bombing of its embassy compound in the Syrian capital. The Iranian bombing was a failure, with 99% of the missiles and drones intercepted by Israel and its allies.

Regional officials, including the Iranian foreign minister, said Tehran had warned neighboring countries days before its attack.

However, the ministry spokesperson, Nasser Canaan warned that no prior agreement had been reached with any country on how Tehran would approach its military response to Israel.

“There was no pre-arranged agreement between us and any other party regarding the act (attack on Israel) of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said at a news conference.

The official also accused the international community and the UN, responsible in his opinion for not reacting to “Israel’s aggressive actions” and not valuing “Iran’s responsible and proportionate action”.

The regime also threatened Israel again in the face of a possible retaliation to the Iranian attack, something that Israeli officials continue to evaluate.

“We have carried out this action within the framework of deterrence,” Kanaani said. “If there is another action (by Israel), our actions will be more serious”.

And he added: “They should warn the usurping regime of more evil acts, which will have incalculable consequences for this regime.”

At the same press conference, Kanaani said that a Portuguese-flagged cargo ship, the MSC Aries was seized on April 13 for “violating maritime laws” adding that there was no doubt that the vessel was linked to Israel.

“Due to the violation of maritime laws by the vessel in question and the lack of adequate answers to the questions raised by the relevant Iranian authorities, after carrying out the necessary checks, the said vessel was diverted to the territorial waters of Iran. It is certain that this ship belongs to the Zionist regime.”

Tensions have soared in the Middle East since the start of the Israeli campaign in Gaza in October, with Israel or its ally the United States repeatedly clashing with Iran-aligned terrorist groups in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

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