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Isabel Lascurain bestows Mijares with a distinctive nickname during “Voice Game” event – Univision

Isabel Lascurain, a well-known member of the Mexican music group Pandora, recently baptized her friend, fellow singer Mijares, with a unique nickname. Lascurain affectionately referred to Mijares as “El Padrino de los Sobrenombres” (The Godfather of Nicknames) during a recent interview.

The nickname comes from Mijares’ playful nature and his talent for coming up with funny and creative nicknames for his friends and colleagues in the music industry. Lascurain explained that Mijares has a knack for giving people nicknames that stick with them for a long time.

During the interview, Lascurain shared some of the hilarious nicknames that Mijares has given to her and other members of Pandora over the years. She also talked about the close friendship that she shares with Mijares and the fun and laughter that they have together.

Overall, Isabel Lascurain’s playful nickname for Mijares highlights the strong bond and camaraderie between the two singers. It also showcases Mijares’ creativity and sense of humor when it comes to nicknaming his friends and colleagues in the music industry.

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