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Isabel Ordaz Declares “The Sitcom is Dead” as She Discusses Preferences for ‘No One Lives Here’ and ‘La Que se Cerca’

This is not the first time that Isabel Ordaz, who has appeared in shows like “There is no one living here” and “The one that is coming,” has expressed her preferences. Ordaz is known for her roles in two popular sitcoms in Spain’s history, but she considers only one of them to be a proper sitcom – “There is no one living here,” which ended in 2006.

Both shows were created by the Caballero brothers, who are behind successful series like “The village,” “Alpha males,” and their latest release, “Muertos SL.” Fans of the Caballero brothers tend to enjoy all of their work, but some have noticed a difference between “The one that is coming” and their other shows. In the former, there is a focus on jokes and gags rather than plot development, which is something Ordaz does not appreciate, as she mentioned in an interview for the Human Animals podcast.

Months ago, Ordaz stated in an interview that the emphasis on wit in the dialogues of “The one that is coming” “killed the comedy.” She has not changed her stance on this, despite opinions from former co-stars like Ismael Merlo. In the Human Animals podcast, Ordaz reiterated that her view of “The one that is coming” does not align with her understanding of a sitcom.

“The sitcom is dead,” declared Isabel Ordaz. According to her, comedy is not just about delivering a funny line, but also about the reaction to that line. She cited “There is no one living here” as an example, where there was a lot of reverse shot, which she found wonderful.

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