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Israel Attacks Hezbollah Targets in Lebanon; Four Soldiers Wounded

The Israeli Armed Forces reported on Monday new bombings in southern Lebanon targeting military structures of the Shiite party-militia Hezbollah.

Fighter planes attacked military buildings of Hezbollah in the areas of Merkaba and Majdal Yun in southern Lebanon, as reported by the Israeli Army.

Israel also conducted artillery fire to eliminate a threat in the areas of Yebel Balt and Al Hamra. Additionally, there were five projectiles launched from Lebanese territory that fell in open areas without causing casualties.

Four Israeli troops were wounded inside Lebanese territory after Hezbollah claimed responsibility for attacking them with explosive devices when they crossed the border.

This marks the first time Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for such an attack in the last six months of almost daily clashes between the group and Israeli forces since the Gaza war broke out.

The Israeli army confirmed the incident occurred inside Lebanon. Earlier on Monday, the military reported that the troops were injured in an overnight explosion in the northern border area, with one of them seriously injured.

Hezbollah previously stated it had detonated explosive devices against soldiers who entered Lebanese territory by placing them in the area of Tal Ismail and detonating them upon the soldiers’ arrival.

Tensions escalated in the region after Iran’s missile and drone attacks against Israel in retaliation for a deadly attack on Tehran’s consulate in Damascus, widely blamed on Israel.

The violence between Israel and Hezbollah has mainly been confined to the border area, resulting in at least 364 deaths in Lebanon, mostly Hezbollah fighters, and at least 70 civilians. In Israel, 10 soldiers and eight civilians have died since the hostilities began, leading tens of thousands of civilians to flee their homes on both sides of the border.

(With information from AFP and EP)

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