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Israel Rojas and Humberto López caught in leaked photos from party at Alejandro Gil’s house

Journalist Mario J. Pentón and researcher Luis Domínguez, from the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, recently revealed two photos from a party held at the house of Alejandro Gil Fernandez when he was the Minister of Economy and Deputy Prime Minister of the country. Among the guests were official spokesperson Humberto Lopez and singer Israel Rojas.

In one of the images, Israel Rojas from the Buena Fe group can be seen posing with a beer in hand next to the minister and other individuals, including Gil Fernández’s son, Alejandro Arnaldo Gil, and Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, the current Deputy Prime Minister of Cuba.

It is speculated that the person wearing a yellow sweater in the photo could potentially be a relative of the former minister due to a physical resemblance.

From left to right: Unknown person, Jorge Luis Perdomo Di-Lella, Alejandro Arnaldo Gil, Israel Rojas and Alejandro Gil (YouTube/screenshot-Mario J. Pentón)

It is worth mentioning that Alejandro Gil Fernández had expressed his support for the Buena Fe group last year after their concerts in Spain faced boycotts. He shared a photo of Israel Rojas with his granddaughter on Twitter, stating that “Our little granddaughter is also Buena Fe.” This move by Gil Fernández received criticism from some internet users.

Another leaked photo shows Humberto Lopez and Israel Rojas posing with members of Gil’s family at the party. The photos were taken at Gil Fernández’s granddaughter’s birthday celebration in his home in Miramar.

Humberto López and Israel Rojas with part of the Gil family and other guests at a party at the home of the then Minister of Economy (YouTube/screenshot-Mario J. Pentón)

The images sparked speculation about the relationships between the dismissed minister and his associates. Since the allegations of corruption against Alejandro Gil Fernández surfaced, there has been limited information about his current situation.

Following the opening of an investigative file on Gil Fernández for alleged “serious errors” by the Cuban government, independent media outlets have been tracking the case. The regime has remained silent on the issue, with only sporadic comments from official spokespersons.

Amidst the corruption scandal, official spokesperson Michel Torres Corona condemned the former minister, labeling him a “traitor” and emphasizing that no one is above the law. The regime has promised to bring swift justice to those involved in corruption.

The broadcast of Fidel Castro’s speeches against corruption and a clip from the televised trial of General Arnaldo Ochoa Sánchez in 1989 added a historical context to the current corruption allegations in Cuba.

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