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Israeli Army Recovers Iranian Ballistic Missile that Fell on the Dead Sea: Iran Acknowledges Dangerous Escalation

The Israeli army recently displayed a recovered part of an Iranian ballistic missile from the Dead Sea, indicating that Iran was planning a direct attack on Israel with hundreds of projectiles. The missile debris shown was only 70% of the entire missile, as the warhead and other sections were destroyed during interception.

With the assistance of the United States, Great Britain, France, and Jordan, Israel successfully repelled a significant number of Iranian missiles and drones that were launched in an overnight attack.

Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari revealed that Iran launched 110 ballistic missiles towards Israel, causing heightened tensions in the region. The military emphasized the danger of such an escalation and the potential consequences if the missiles had hit Israel.

Israel estimated that the Iranian assault involved 60 tons of explosives. Hagari also mentioned Israel’s defensive and offensive capabilities, emphasizing that any response to Iran’s attack would be chosen and executed at Israel’s discretion.

Similarly, IDF spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner expressed a firm stance against escalation, stating that living under the threat of ballistic missile attacks was unacceptable. He underscored the need to send a clear message to Iran to prevent such actions in the future.

The situation remains tense as various military officials monitor Iran’s activities in the region. It is crucial for Israel to maintain its security and deter any potential threats to its safety.

(Information sourced from Reuters)

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