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Israeli Strikes on Hezbollah Bases in Lebanon Following Rocket Fire

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported launching attacks on facilities belonging to Hezbollah’s elite Radwan unit in Jbaa, located in southern Lebanon, overnight. Additionally, the IDF targeted other buildings used by the terrorist group in Khiam and Kafr Kila during these operations.

These attacks were in retaliation for approximately 40 rockets that Hezbollah had recently launched into northern Israel. The rocket attacks were carried out as part of an Iranian-led offensive.

In a statement, the IDF confirmed that fighter jets had conducted airstrikes on the camp belonging to the Radwan force in the village of Jaba in southern Lebanon. Prior to this, military buildings of the Hezbollah organization in Al-Khyam and Kafr Kila were also targeted in separate airstrikes.

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