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Italian heartthrob Biondo: The successful actor, rapper, and influencer with TikTok girlfriends from Fabricante de Lágrimas

Updated Monday, April 15, 2024 – 21:34

At the beginning of April, Netflix released “Tear Maker,” a teen erotic movie in which two orphans, adopted together, fall in love. Critics believe that the Italian film will not become a cult classic and is unlikely to be nominated for prestigious awards like the Oscars or the Golden Globes. Despite this, it has sparked teenage hysteria across Europe and Latin America, becoming the second most-watched film in Spain on the platform.

What makes “Tear Maker” so appealing? Firstly, it has a dark and intriguing plot, and secondly, it features an irresistible protagonist for young women. The lead role is played by Simone Baldasseroni, also known as “Blond,” a 25-year-old rapper, influencer, and actor born in Rome in 1998, who rose to fame in 2015. According to an interview with Vestal, Baldasseroni began singing at the age of 12 to express his emotions through music.

Four years later, he released his first single, “Four Walls,” and started a successful career. Baldasseroni draws inspiration from various music genres and artists like Drake, Post Malone, Harry Styles, Chris Brown, and Zayn. He released four albums and appeared on the talent show “Amici” on Canale 5.

After a period of fame, Baldasseroni faced challenges and felt isolated in Milan, contemplating returning home to his parents. However, he reinvented himself and pursued acting, making his debut on the big screen in 2019. Overcoming prejudices about his looks and lack of formal training, he worked hard to secure roles and establish himself as an actor.

Driven by a desire to inspire others, Baldasseroni wrote an autobiographical book and aims to become an international actor and an icon of effort and humility. With millions of followers on social media, he has been romantically linked to several Italian women, with two significant relationships in recent years.

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