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J Balvin Clears Up Rumors About Second Paternity and Admits UFO Video was Faked

J Balvin arrived in Mexico and appeared on the Hoy program amid rumors of a possible second paternity, after his successful presentation at the Coachella Festival.

In the middle of a conversation with Televisa’s morning news headlines, the 38-year-old reggaeton player faced questions about his family life and said: “I didn’t know (about the rumor)… I was surprised, I first need to understand all that about my son.”

In this way, the ‘Safari’ interpreter denied all kinds of speculation, after stating that he is happy to have his firstborn and his partner, who is an actress, model, television presenter, and Miss Argentina 2014.

However, J Balvin hinted that he does not rule out becoming a father again. “I want a girl, I do want that,” he revealed as a scoop to the hosts of the Mexican program.

In this sense, Andrea Legarreta did not hesitate to comment that with food, women can make men more predisposed to a specific sex and indicated that she would later give them more tips to be able to fulfill their dream.

It is worth mentioning that Valentina Ferrer showed the great figure she has during her presence at Coachella, where she was supporting Balvin in his show, of which, by the way, the Colombian clarified that his recent video about the presence of a UFO wasn’t real.

“I have recorded several, that was from the Coachella concept because it is the same, it is the same figure, sorry for those who… sorry for those who fell,” he explained with a smile.

Source: Mexico Agency

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