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Jarritos Dunks Release Date Updates and Other Details

Jarritos Dunks Release Date Updates and Other Details

Jarritos Dunks Release Date Updates and Other Details

Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low: A Vibrant Tribute to Cinco de Mayo

In a colorful celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the renowned Mexican soda brand Jarritos has partnered with Nike Skateboarding to launch a special edition of the SB Dunk Low. Scheduled for release in early May, this collaboration is a festive fusion of culture, tradition, and street style, perfectly timed with the annual festivities of May 5th.

Design and Inspiration

The Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low features a unique color palette of Phantom, Safety Orange, and Malachite, drawing direct inspiration from the vibrant Jarritos soda bottles. Crafted with premium leather and innovative tear-away hemp overlays, the design pays homage to the traditional canvas bags used in fruit harvesting, which are pivotal to the natural flavors of Jarritos. The sneakers are not just footwear but a narrative of heritage, with co-branding evident throughout and special packaging that enhances the collector appeal.

Each pair comes with an additional set of laces, allowing for customization depending on the wearer’s preference, adding a personal touch to the already distinctive design.

Release Details

The anticipation for the Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low has been building, with sneaker enthusiasts and cultural aficionados alike marking their calendars. The official release is set to take place in two phases: select Nike SB skate shops will have the model available on May 6th, followed by a broader release through Nike SNKRS and select retailers on May 10th. Priced at $130 USD, these sneakers combine affordability with exclusivity.

For those eager to secure a pair, it’s advisable to stay updated via Nike’s official channels and participating retail outlets to ensure they don’t miss out on this limited release.

Broader Cultural Significance

This collaboration is more than just a business venture; it’s a celebration of cultural heritage and recognition of the vibrant Mexican community. Jarritos, being a beloved brand among many for its natural fruit-flavored sodas, aligns perfectly with Nike’s innovative approach to sneaker design, making this collaboration a meaningful bridge between cultures.

The choice of materials and colors not only reflects Jarritos’ brand identity but also resonates with the festive spirit of Cinco de Mayo, making these sneakers a fitting tribute to the occasion.

Additional Collaborations and Sneaker Culture

Nike’s collaboration with Jarritos is part of a larger trend where food and beverage brands have successfully partnered with sneaker companies to create highly coveted and thematic footwear. From the Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky to the recent Crenshaw Skate Club x Nike SB Dunk Low, these collaborations are a testament to the creative possibilities within the sneaker industry and the cultural conversations they can inspire.

Such partnerships not only enhance brand visibility but also engage a diverse audience, blending lifestyle, fashion, and cultural appreciation into a unique collector’s item that stands out in the sneaker community.

Looking Ahead

As the release date approaches, the excitement continues to build. The Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low is expected to be a hit among both sneakerheads and fans of the brand, promising to be a vibrant highlight of this year’s sneaker releases. Whether you’re a collector, a fan of the brand, or someone who appreciates the artistry behind sneaker design, this collaboration offers something unique for everyone.

Keep an eye on official release updates and be ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with these stunning sneakers that perfectly capture the essence of Jarritos and the spirit of the holiday.


When is the Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low releasing?
The sneakers will be available at select skate shops on May 6th and on Nike SNKRS and other select retailers on May 10th.

What is the price of the Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low?
The retail price is set at $130 USD.

What are the unique features of the Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low?
The sneakers feature a leather build with tear-away hemp overlays, special co-branding, and come with an extra set of laces and special packaging.

Where can I buy the Jarritos x Nike SB Dunk Low?
They will be available at select Nike SB skate shops, Nike SNKRS, and other select retailers.

Why is Jarritos collaborating with Nike?
This collaboration celebrates Cinco de Mayo and highlights the cultural heritage of the Mexican community, aligning with Nike’s innovative design approach.

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