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Javier Milei Proposes Meeting with Lula Da Silva to Strengthen Relationship with Brazil – LA NACION

Javier Milei proposed a meeting with Lula Da Silva, indicating a potential strengthening of the relationship between Argentina and Brazil. This move comes after Diana Mondino, the Foreign Minister of Argentina, reassured that Argentina will not interfere in Brazilian affairs, following Milei’s support for Elon Musk.

Mondino has also relaunched relations with Brazil, leaving behind any previous turbulence, and has not ruled out the possibility of a meeting between Milei and Lula. Despite the positive outlook on relations, questions still arise regarding Vaca Muerta, trade agreements, and the rush for infrastructure works between the two countries.

The Foreign Ministers of Brazil and Argentina recently reaffirmed their commitment to a strategic relationship and common projects, highlighting the importance of cooperation and collaboration between the two neighboring nations.

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