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Jencarlos Canela discusses the striking resemblance between himself and son Nikolas

A popular saying goes ‘like father, like son’ and this could not be more true when we talk about Jencarlos Canela and the incredible physical resemblance he shares with his son, Nikolas.

Faithful to his good sense of humor, the protagonist of successful soap operas such as The devil knows more y My heart insists on Lola Volcánused his social networks this Monday to react to the comments of Internet users who insist that both are like two drops of water.

The 35-year-old singer was also driving in his vehicle in the company of his second son when he shared a photograph of him as a teenager and that of the 12-year-old boy, showing how they even had the same haircut: short on the sides and with volume at the top, which gives it a more modern and avant-garde touch.

Instagram | Jencarlos Canela

“Everyone says that we look alike, I mean, I don’t see it; I don’t see it,” said the proud dad, the Cuban-born artist and actor, in a sarcastic tone.

Of course, the child’s mother and Canela’s ex-partner, Gaby Espinocould not help but also comment on networks, adding to the adorable moment of father and son: “They don’t look that much alike,” he commented with laughing emoticons in his stories echoing the clip.

Instagram | Gaby Espino

This was not all. In another story we see how the star of Forbidden passion He undoubtedly has a complicit relationship with his son since they talk about girls: “She wrote me back,” the young man said to his father, who was visibly excited by the news.

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“12 years of life together! I love you more than grandma’s food and you know that there are days that I would exchange you for a plate of rice and beans and old clothes without thinking twice. I was 23 when you were born on this day 12 years ago. I remember looking through the glass of the hospital wondering how I was going to raise a child if I still had so much to learn to be a man. Today I know that the best version of the man I am would not have been possible without your arrival,” was the moving message that she dedicated to his son on February 12 on the occasion of his birthday.

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