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Jencarlos Canela’s Son with Gaby Espino Bears Striking Resemblance to Him, According to Social Media Buzz

The son of the Cuban actor continues to grow, and his resemblance to his father is becoming more and more inevitable, catching the attention of the actor’s fans. Have you seen it?

Jeancarlos Canela is a beloved Hispanic television star known for his roles in various soap operas that have captured the hearts of countless fans. One of his notable works is the novel “The Devil Knows More,” where he portrayed a character alongside his former partner, Gaby Espino.

Jencarlos Canela acknowledges Gaby Espino’s child as his own, named Nikolas, who is no longer a young child and is approaching his teenage years. At 12 years old, Nikolas already enjoys some visibility on his parents’ social media. Recently, the father-son duo took a stroll together, sparking a flurry of comments and comparisons due to their striking resemblance.

The father and son duo are often compared for their similar appearance, with matching hairstyles and features. Responding to the comparisons, Canela humorously remarked, “Everyone says that we look alike, I mean, I don’t see it; I do not see it.” The resemblance even caught the attention of Gaby Espino, who humorously compared photographs of Jeancarlos and Nikolas at the same age.

Jeancarlos Canela and Gaby Espino met while working together on the soap opera “The Devil Knows More” and confirmed their relationship after wrapping up the show. They had a child together in 2012 but decided to part ways in 2014 after a five-year courtship. Despite their separation, they maintain a good relationship for the sake of their son.

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