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Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho: Know About the Celebrity Mother

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho: Know About the Celebrity Mother

Anya Taylor-Joy has become a popular name in the American film industry. The rising star has proven her acting mettle after appearing in diverse roles in many movies, including The Witch, The Queen’s Gambit, The Miniaturist, Glass, Split, and more. Anya’s outstanding acting has made her win many prestigious awards, and the actor seems to have a long way to go.

On a personal front, Anya was brought up in a happy family environment. She has doting parents, and the media and fans often like to talk about her relationship with her beautiful mother, Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho.

So who is Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho? Here are some up close and personal details about the celebrity mother.

Who is Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho?

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho

Jennifer is Anya’s mother. She was born in March 1961, in Northern Rhodesia, which makes her 61 years old at present. A Gemini by heart, Jennifer is the daughter of David Joy and Montserrat Morancho. She was brought up along with her siblings in the United Kingdom.

A mix breed of England and Spain, Jennifer is known for her striking looks, and her daughter, Anya, seems to have inherited her appearance from her mother.

Who is Jennifer’s Husband?

Jennifer Marina Joy Morancho is married to Denise Alan Taylor, who is of Scottish and Argentine descent. Her husband was a renowned Buenos Aires-based investment banker and a former World Speedboat Champion. Throughout his career, Denise was awarded many honors and awards, including the OBE and MBE medals for his work in trade between Britain and Argentina.

Biologically, the duo has two children. But Jennifer is also the mother to Denise’s four children from his first marriage.

When the Couple Relocated to London

After a few years of their marriage, Denise and Jennifer decided to move to London for the political situation in Argentina was not safe to raise their kids. The couple wanted to get the best for their kids where they could be themselves, improve their skills, learn not to be afraid, and live in peace and harmony. However, their bona fide decision did not make their youngest kid, Anya, so happy. She did not like the change of environment and wanted to return to Argentina. Anya even denied learning English for he hated London so much.

A Doting Mother who loves her Children

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho

Despite being a stepmother to four, Jennifer never treats her children as stepchildren. The woman is a doting mother to all her six children and is constantly seen loving and supporting them. As a family person, she is also very mindful of the health of her husband and children. The smart lady doesn’t like to waste money. In short, she is an ideal wife and mother to her children.

However, this is not it. Jennifer is much more than this.

What Does Jennifer do for a Living?

According to a few sources, Jennifer is a psychiatrist and enjoys her career. But this is not the only thing Anya’s mother is good at.

Reportedly, Jennifer loves to click pictures and is fond of decorating them all over their house. She is a renowned professional photographer and interior designer. Jennifer always looks for ways and means to improve the aesthetics of her space to make it all the more comfortable for her family.

The Age Gap between Jennifer and Anya

Being her biological mother, Jennifer is 35 years older than her doting daughter. Currently, Anya is living in her mid-twenties.

Jennifer and Anya share a cozy relationship with each other. The mother never neglects to extend her support to her actor daughter. According to Anya, her mother is her greatest supporter and the biggest critic. Jennifer, too, is all praises for her dear daughter and shares that she is pleased with her little girl’s accomplishments.

A Woman who Loves Helping Others

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho

The celebrity mother is also renowned for being a soft-hearted lady. Reportedly, she shares a love for humanity and is an active member of her community. Jennifer is always busy searching for people who need help and often volunteers at different hospitals, food banks, and other charitable practices.

What is Jennifer Marine Taylor-Morancho’s Net Worth?

Jennifer is not only a homemaker but a professional too. According to a few reports, the current net worth owned by Jennifer is estimated to be about $0.8 million. On the other hand, her celebrity daughter is making it big on the silver screen not only in terms of her character-defining role but in terms of money too. She owns more than a whopping $7 million fortune and still has a long way to go. 

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