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Jessica Bueno reveals why she is unable to have a child with Luitingo

Jessica Bueno has explained why she cannot give a child to Luitingo. The model has acknowledged that this was one of her biggest fears when it came to taking the step of starting a relationship with the singer. She feels that she is clipping her wings and breaking her dream of being a father because she knows that she is not going to be a mother with him.

It’s a very sensitive topic for them. They have already talked about it a thousand times, but they never stop getting excited every time they talk about it. Luitingo imagines himself with twenty children. Being a father has always been one of his dreams. That’s why she drools every time she is with Jessica Bueno’s three children.

Exercise that father figure is something that I had always imagined, and the former ‘Survivors’ contestant’s heart breaks when deny her that dream of being a mother with her…but she is clear. Now, in this new chapter of her video podcast, ‘An imperfect tale’, the model has explained the real reason why “he cannot give a child” to Luitingo.

“You’re not going to be a father with me,” she told him, looking him in the eyes. A very sincere conversation in which both have been on the surface. “I won’t be able to give you a child” the Sevillian model has acknowledged, who has opened up in front of the camera about this topic that is so personal to them.

And it is that the motherhood theme has always been something to reflect on in your love story. So much so that for Jessica Bueno, it was almost decisive when it came to taking the step of whether or not to start a relationship with him.

“It’s selfish on my part. You haven’t been a father, you haven’t started a family,” the model expressed in this very sincere conversation with Luitingo, in which has explained why she cannot “give him a child”, expand his family with him and give his three children a new brother; Fran (in common with Kiko Rivera), Jota Junior and little Alejandro (the result of his relationship with Jota Peleteiro).

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