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Jesús Ortiz, father of Queen Letizia, Reveals His Family Dinner Rule: A Ban on Controversial Topics

Jesús Ortiz, 74 years old, has always advocated for discretion since his daughter, Queen Letizia, began her relationship with King Philip. However, he is active on social media and sometimes makes comments that hint at his private life, including his family with the Kings and their daughters, Princess Leonor (18 years old) and Infanta Sofia (16 years old).

One of his recent comments addressed the importance of family dinners and coexistence at home. Jesús Ortiz emphasized the need for dinners sitting at the table with the entire family group, without distractions like TV trays. He believes that family dinners are essential for socio-family education tasks.

Regarding the use of mobile devices at home, Jesús Ortiz believes in finding a balance. He acknowledges the importance of allowing young people to use their phones for social interactions, while also setting boundaries for homework and family time.

Despite some controversy in the past, Jesús Ortiz received positive feedback for his recent comments on social media. He has shown that he is willing to defend himself, even if it goes against the norms of Zarzuela. He believes in clarifying misunderstandings and not being swayed by outside influences.

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