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Jesús Ortiz, Father of Queen Letizia, Reveals the Dinner Rule He Imposes on His Family, Including a Ban

If Jesús Ortiz, 74 years old, has advocated for something since his daughter Queen Letizia, 51 years old, began his relationship with King Philip, 56 years old, it is for discretion. But this does not mean that there are times when it is inevitable for him to make comments that, in some way, refer to his private sphere. Doña Letizia’s father is active on social networks, a tool in which some of his comments become the most commented and attract attention because with them he could very well refer to his family life. A life in which the Kings and their daughters Princess Leonor, 18 years old, and Infanta Sofia, 16 years old.

Among the latest comments that Jesús Ortiz has made, one stands out related to the coexistence at home. Queen Letizia’s father has responded to the comment of another user who mentioned that televisions should be outside the bedrooms since the control of mobile devices should be done in terms of time and place of use and not only among the children, also among adults. Jesús has been blunt about his opinion on the matter.

In one of his comments, Jesús Ortiz has crossed out this claim as an “essential measure”. Furthermore, he has not hesitated to add something that he also considers essential for a good coexistence. “And I add: dinners sitting at the table, if possible the entire family group at the same time, chatting and sharing the day; and no tray or dining table in front of the TV,” were the words about how he likes to experience family dinners. A comment that has led to thinking that in his meetings with his daughter, Queen Letizia, and with his granddaughters, Jesús could well implement this rule to be able to enjoy their time together to the fullest.

According to Jesús Ortiz, family dinners are very important. The grandfather of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia has explained that from his point of view, “it is almost the only time to carry out what we could define as “mandatory socio-family education tasks.” And now someone anonymous will tell me again ‘I want to’ that I’m pontificating, you’ll see.” What he has shown to be more flexible about is how he would manage the use of mobile devices at home by younger people. “In this, I believe, there must be a problem. balance. If they cannot use them in class or at home because they have to do homework or have dinner with the family, it is necessary to allow them (advise them) moments of use so that they maintain their social relationships, which, whether we assume it or not, are with mobile phones. ”.

On this occasion, the few comments that Jesús Ortiz has received after giving his vision on this topic have been positive. Not like what happened when a few weeks ago he ignored Zarzuela’s slogans and seemed angry on social networks. At that moment, Queen Letizia’s father could not help but defend himself against those who questioned his professional career. King Felipe’s father-in-law responded with several comments with which he reviewed his career and with which he seemed indignant.

This step forward was the clear sign that when it comes to defending yourself, he has no problem doing it no matter how much this may hurt in Zarzuela. He himself explained it when he wrote that “you receive a comment from someone who you notice is influenced by the current standards, you try to explain their confusing interpretations, and those of the standards bounce back because they lose influence.”

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