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Jey Mammon loses trial against Lucas Benvenuto for slander and insults

After the serious damage caused when he accused him of abusing him when he was a minor under 14 years old, Mammon’s property decided to sue him in court for slander and insults, but before a year had passed the Justice ruled twice against the comedian.

In Meddlers, Carlos Monti explained in detail how the comedian lost in two instances against the young man, who was his former partner. “Jey Mammón, after Lucas Benvenuto came out to tell what had happened to him, you remember that the cause had also prescribed and so on, He initiated a case for slander and insults” explained the driver.

Lucas Benvenuto made a crude post about Jey Mammon’s premiere at the theater and published a photo of both of them.

In this sense, Monti pointed out that Lucas Benvenuto was acquitted by Justice in the first instance with the document that certifies it in hand. “The resolution is very clear, in response to Jey Mammón’s complaint he is acquitted. This is the first instance. Not happy with this result, Jey’s lawyer and Jey appealed to the chamber,” he explained.

However, the appeal of the former driver of La peña de Morfi had the same result, as Benvenuto’s lawyer Javier Moral said. “He filed a criminal trial called ‘Slander and Insults’ to prove that what Lucas said was a lie.” said the lawyer, who explained that the time to present the appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice expired so the ruling is final.

“Basically, he understood that what Lucas had said that appeared in all the media constituted a false accusation, an insult, a slander and through that action he tried to prove that Lucas was lying,” he added.

“This could have only been the opinion of a court for which Jey Mammón, based on his lawyers, filed different appeals which were systematically rejected and confirmed the resolution of that court, in short, adding and subtracting The important thing is that Lucas did not lie, that is the message that justice has just determined”, hill.

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