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Jimena Barón Goes Viral for Ranting About Infestation in Her Home: “They’re Going to See Who I Am”

Jimena Baron started a new stage and moved to his new home together with family. The artist had long given rise to everything that this decision entailed. Although everything seemed to have happened under the conditions she wanted, the truth is that she encountered a problem that completely confused her. “Property” he expressed when telling what it was about on his social networks.

“And they are there, in the rain, because I already have my lethal weapon. At 7 in the morning I am already like Doña Florinda coming out of the window with the stick, so at least they respect me,” she said, while he explained to his followers the big problem that the presence of pigeons outside his home poses. They’re going to see who I am, they’re going to see she added, shouting, while focusing on the birds that have tormented her so much since she arrived at her new home.

This was not the first time that the actress encountered these peculiar intruders. Shortly after she moved into the property, she found feathers and feces in the place. Good day. The pigeon case progresses. “I already found where they go, which is like a roof gutter.” he explained The Cobra after carrying out an exhaustive investigation on the outside of the house, which brought him certainty of the origin of these animals.

The problem did not end there, since Barón was forced to ask for help when she saw that she could not get rid of them easily. “Who is working to cut pigeons out of gutters? Aid, he wrote alongside an image where he recorded the presence of these unsolicited inhabitants in his home. She did not hesitate to take it with humor, but the truth is that the seriousness of the matter has begun to escalate to unexpected levels that have led her to take other measures.

But that didn’t stop the singer from enjoying settling in the place with her boyfriend and son, Momo who were part of the renovation and moving process. “I am extremely happy living something that I thought I would no longer experience” he noted, regarding the decision to live with his partner as a new family, which marked a before and after in their relationship.

This comment revolutionized the fans, so the influencer revealed how she handles her courtship. “We have taken that step, confirmed, he explained in reference to the decision to live together after several years together. The artist even did not hesitate to advise her followers on the subject, so she once again used social networks.

“Look for similarities in a partner, not differences.” The differences are attractive at first, but then in daily life they complicate and tire. the influencer, thus giving her secret to her happiness in her relationship with Matias Palleiro. Although not everything can be seen in pink, since the truth is that she pointed out that it is still difficult for her to live with one more person in his home. In addition to Momo, the athlete has some quite peculiar habits that ended his patience at a certain point, especially when it comes to food. “There is no choice but to be millionaires, I am afraid,” he explained, laughing, regarding the situation.

In parallel with his personal life, music is also focused on his professional career. At the insistence of her followers, the interpreter of The silly He assured that he has plans to release a new song. “Mayo,” she said in one of the many stories about him on the platform. Instagram.

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