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Juanita Tinelli Sends Heartfelt Message to Father with Assuring Promise: “I Guarantee It”

Written in SHOWS, the youngest daughter of Marcelo Tinelli, Juanita Tinelli, has always had a close relationship with her father. Despite keeping a low profile, she has often accompanied him backstage in various Bailando cycles, showcasing their strong bond and enjoyment of being together.

A few months ago, Juanita decided to focus on a career in modeling and has been impressing audiences with her talent on the catwalk, showcasing different styles with each show. Recently, she was chosen as the face of the renowned Cerini brand, a hair salon located in Buenos Aires.

Marcelo proudly shared a photo of Juanita in an advertisement for the brand, along with a special dedication: “I love seeing you everywhere being the face of the Cerini Net campaign. My life Juanita, I love you.” This gesture reflected his happiness for his daughter’s professional achievements, including her participation in fashion shows in Europe.

In response, Juanita expressed her gratitude to her father, stating, “Being unconditional from day one. I assure you that this is just the beginning dad, I love you.” The public display of affection highlighted their close relationship and mutual support.

Not long ago, Juanita also revealed her relationship with Mijael Mamruth, sharing photos and videos of their romantic moments together on social media. Her growing success in the modeling world and personal life continue to captivate audiences and showcase her talent.

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