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Juanita Tinelli’s Strong Reaction to Tini Stoessel’s Emotional Tribute Song for Her Father Marcelo

Less than a week after Tini Stoessel will release his new album, a lock of hair with the explosive song Ángel in which he talked about his father, Alejandro and the end of the friendship with Marcelo Tinelli whom he called “Judas”, Angel de Brito The LAM recounted the strong reaction of Juanita Tinelli.

It is worth remembering that Alejandro Stoessel and Marcelo Tinelli had a legal conflict over the rights to children’s fiction Ugly Duckling and the bond between them was broken on a professional and personal level.

“Eyes that do not see, betrayal that you do not feel. Judas gave the kiss, how do you deny it? How do you forgive? How do you regret it? If they were brothers and goodbye forever. “If he gave her his hand and the other gave her his teeth…” reads a fragment of Tini’s strong lyrics, which would have enraged the daughter of Marcelo Tinelli and Paula Robles.

Angel de Brito He said on his América program that Marcelo Tinelli’s daughters were hit hard by the song that Tini wrote about their father.

Mica y Cande They are friends of the artist. Juanita also had a close bond, but she would have decided to end it completely, according to the LAM host.

“Cande didn’t like it and put it on his networks. But the one who liked all this the least is Juanita Tinelli” said Angel.

“What did he say? She has a character! It’s worse than all”, he noted Yanina Latorre.

“We hardly know Juani’s voice, but it is the bravest of all. He stopped following her (Tini), he cut ties, he doesn’t eat anymore. She cleaned… Anyway, I don’t think Tini is very worried,” De Brito said, giving an account of Juana’s explosive reaction after hearing Ángel.

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