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Jurors Arrive Quietly, Ready for Duty: A Parade of Silent Soldiers Under Trump’s Watch

Democratic Representative emphasizes the importance of hearing young people’s voices in the United States. Governor Stitt describes the damage caused by tornadoes in Oklahoma as “unbelievable.” Protesters and counter-protesters clash on the UCLA campus. Jurors are described as marching like silent soldiers past Trump in the courtroom. Deaths are reported after tornadoes strike south of Oklahoma City. State attorney praises testimony from a key witness in Trump’s criminal trial. The National Enquirer is discussed as a megaphone for Trump’s 2016 campaign. NYT reporter says Trump is “rattled” at the possibility of jail time. Tennessee State representative criticizes new gun law. Former White House official advises against working for Trump during hush money trial. Key takeaways from David Pecker’s testimony are discussed. Former attorney calls Pecker a “sleaze merchant.” Hamas releases video of hostages. Youth vote organization leader says protesting is an American tradition. Another round of tornadoes expected in the Midwest. Democratic senator expects foreign aid package to pass. Trump hush money jurors focus on evidence. Marjorie Taylor Greene criticizes Speaker Johnson. Democratic Representative discusses House passing Ukraine aid bill. Marjorie Taylor Greene angered after the House approves Ukraine aid. MSNBC contributor Jonathan Alter talks about being in the room for Trump’s criminal trial.


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