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Justin Bieber’s Heartwarming Gesture: Singer gives Will Smith’s Son a Tender Kiss

The Canadian singer was captured in an affectionate moment while hugging Jaden Smith.

Justin Bieber, a singer of Canadian origin, and Jaden Smith have maintained a great friendship since 2010 when they collaborated on the song “Never Say Never” for the movie The Karate Kid, where the protagonist was Will Smith’s son.

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During the Festival de Coachella, Smith and Bieber were caught on video in a very loving way, undoubtedly demonstrating the beautiful friendship they have.

In the video, Jaden Smith starts dancing to the music while hugging Justin from behind. Smith then walks away and the Canadian singer gives him a kiss on his cheek. At first glance, many people believed that it was a kiss on the mouth.

Some users also believe that this gesture was aimed at the mouth due to the alleged marital crisis between Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber, whom he married in 2018.

The festival has left several unforgettable moments, like the American actor Evan Peters, who was recorded kissing a woman during the presentation of King’s wool.

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