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Karina Banda Seeks Therapy to Strengthen Bond with Carlos Ponce’s Children

Facing cohabitation with stepchildren can be very challenging for a couple.

Karina Banda recently acknowledged on her program Unequal, which airs on Univision weekdays at 2 p.m. ET, that she sought therapy to improve her relationship with her husband’s children, actor Carlos Ponce, especially with Sienna who lives with them.

“When you enter a relationship where there are already children from the other person, you enter knowing that you are entering a relationship with a complete package because it is no longer just him or her, it is also his or her children, which is obviously his or her family. and that at any moment she is going to take out her claws to defend her children,” said the Mexican presenter.

Karina Banda with Carlos Ponce’s children.

Instagram Carlos Ponce

In her case, Banda, who has more than half a million followers on Instagram, explained that she sought therapy “when normal situations begin to arise in any family, we also had to deal with the pandemic; then many things begin to happen and I truly believe that for “In cases like this, there is nothing like the help of a professional who can advise you on how to handle situations to avoid problems with your partner and your partner’s children.”

He sacrificed his privacy

It was a few days ago when the host revealed in the show that out of love, she accepted that Ponce’s daughter and mother lived with them. “I kind of sacrificed my privacy,” she said.

Although she admitted that “it has not been easy,” Banda stressed that “thank God, Carlos’s daughter, Sienna, is such a pretty girl, so good that she allows herself to be loved, she gives us a lot of love, she doesn’t give us problems; my mother-in-law too “It’s the best, it helps me with my dogs.”

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